After School Art Enrichment

Art by its very definition is; the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Gorilla Art exists to build that creative skill and to encourage that imagination! Gorilla Art offers fun, inventive, creative arts classes that build confidence and allow that imagination to soar!

Our mission: to fuel creativity, ignite imaginations, and illuminate possibilities!

At Gorilla Art, we are advocates for children and their creative needs. Our after school art enriched programs offers fun and exploratory activities that allow the child learn without even knowing it. Our main goal is to encourage a child's imagination AND unleash their creativity. Learning to create and express themselves through art will strengthen their self-esteem and help them to think outside the box when problem solving.. Creative activities are also a valuable tool in developing a child's fine motor skills. Our playful and imaginative activities will support our goal. Giving them a safe and creative environment while using a variety of materials, concepts and techniques, our class will bring creativity and learning to a whole new level.

We provide schools with creative arts and craft after school enrichment classes for grades K through 6th. Each class is an hour long and takes place immediately following your school day on the school campus. You can choose which day works best for your school!!

When planning our art lessons, we take a few things into consideration:

1. How can we connect the lesson to famous artists, or relate the lessons to the world around them? How can we support the curriculum that is taught in schools?

2.What new artistic techniques can the students learn and what new medium can they work with?

AND finally, and the most important:

3. Are the lessons FUN?!?!

We bring the creativity, supplies and the teachers to you. All you have to do is provide a space!

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Would you like to have Gorilla Art bring an after school enrichment program to your school? Gorilla can travel to your school if you are in a 10 mile radius of Burbank, California.